Why a North York Condo

Selling a home is by no means an easy process. The following article outlines ten efficient and effective ways to sell your home.

Get rid of all the clutter!

Clearing the clutter will increase your chances of selling your house tremendously. Buyers like to picture where they will put their stuff and how they will design the layout with their furniture. Having an overload of items within your home will make it much harder for potential buyers to picture themselves in the space. Items to consider removing would be newspapers, clothes left out, an abundance of large furniture, etc.

Wash the windows and screens!

Nothing will turn off buyers more than dirty windows. Having clean windows will be much more appealing for potential buyers and will also allow for natural light to be let into the house

Clean before your showings!

Having a clean home will reassure potential buyers that the home owners take care of their home. Things to consider cleaning prior to showings include fingerprints, dirty switches, stove, floors and making the beds.

Make the rooms brighter!

Turn on some lights and open up the blinds. Lighting will make the home more welcoming for potential buyers.

Check for minor repairs.

Prior to sealing the deal on purchasing a home, buyers will hire a home inspector to inspect the house for both major and minor repairs. We suggest repairing any minor problems early in order to save time and avoid making a bad impression on the buyers. We recommend fixing any sticky doors, dripping faucets, cracked tiles etc.

Make the property appealing.

For a condo make sure the place is tidy. In a house trim the hedges, cut the grass, remove leaves, shovel the drive way. Putting out an arrangement of potted flowers will make your home feel more welcoming and will definitely catch buyers’ attention.

Get rid of any unpleasant odors.

Clean the carpet and rags to get rid of the smell of smoke, cooking or pet smells. Open some windows to let in fresh air.