Why a North York Condo

The population of North York is rising steadily as many are moving northwards to this city, due to the amenities, economic opportunities, quality of life and recreation that this city has to offer. The people are so fantastic. There is a wonderful mix of people at different stages of their life and families, from teens, middle-aged couples, retirees and so many diversified cultures.

The magical city of North York covers the entire northern half of Toronto spanning through the North York Center, the Sheppard corridor and touches almost every other city that makes up the greater Toronto area. Its great size can provide many places to live for the apartment goers, while taking in the fact that the pricing is quite friendly and the accessibility is all networked with best roads.North York is a breath of fresh air. It comprises 1400 miles of natural beauty and this enchanting region is home to heather moorland, rolling hills, pine forest, shimmering coastline, not even mentioning the badgers, hawks and the roe deers. When you look closer, you will discover the historic abbeys, traditional pubs, “hidden” villages, castles and priorities. Being at the northern fringes when North York was laid out in the years spanning 1950s to the 1970s, there has been tremendous developments inclusive of the regions covering Markham and Vaughan with these developments accelerating towards the east and west, making Yonge the geographical center of attraction.

Cultural Diversity

The Yonge-Sheppard area is full of cultural diversity and never ceases to attract and amaze new comers. It is a cosmopolitan town with a rich heritage and different cultures due to hosting all sorts of the world’s heritage. There are different cultural hotels where all kinds of meals are available, such as the Asian foods, Korean dishes and Japanese meals, with the availability of Japanese grocery stores.

Shopping Malls

North York is a great place to live in terms of accessibility to the shopping malls. Both the Fairview mall, which is located in the Sheppard Avenue and the Highway 404. There is the Yorkdale Shopping Center located at Highway 401 and Dufferin St. There are huge malls that are without a doubt going to satisfy the needs of every resident. Between these two, there are hundreds of shops and a number of exceptional restaurants. There is the Galati Market and the Sunny Supermarket at Leslie and Finch. Shell also adds a Whole Foods Market in a move to have 60,000 sq. ft. of retail space at the Tridel two Towers.

Movie Theatres

The Yorkdale shopping center has recently completed renovations that saw the creation of Silvercity Yorkdale. It is a mega movie theatre that features a number of huge screens and a large sitting capacity which ultra-modern comfortable seats. Still in the movie theatres, another enormous theatre has been built at the Younge St. and the Sheppard Avenue, and has been given the name Grande. This is the ideal place to hang out and shed off all your worries and boredom.

Educational Centers

There are many educational facilities not to forget the state of the art Ontario Science Center which is located at the Don Mills Rd. just south of the Eglinton Avenue. North York is home to the highly reputable York University. York University is located at the Sleeles Ave, and Keele St. The campus has various sporting facilities including the Toronto’s largest hockey Arena, the Beatrice Ice Gardens. There is the North York Central Library that provides a rich educational content for the book lovers and students.

Other Attractions

During winter, the squares outdoor ice rinks become a tourist attraction. Swimmers flock to the Douglas Snow Aquatic Centers to have access to the Olympic sized swimming pool, for swimming lessons and relaxing leisure. Those who are looking for fitness head to the Edithvale Community Center or the Finch Avenue for aerobics, athletics, and fitness and dance classes.